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BabyDoge is preparing to enter into Metaverse following its rival Shiba Inu.

After Shiba Inu launches purchase of their first ever Virtual Real Estate(Shib Lands). BabyDoge community doesn’t want to be left behind in this race as Shiba Inu is BabyDoge’s rival coin, BabyDoge is also preparing to enter into Metaverse Industry very soon.

Same Day after the tweet by Shiba Inu Community, BabyDoge had Asked its 930k Fans in Twitter “Do you want to see $BabyDoge in the Metaverse ? ” . This tweet also include a video seems like a trailer you can see here in this tweet.

9 Feb tweet by BabyDoge Community

In this Animated video BabyDoge community reveals a character which has a face of BabyDoge Coin moving in the Metaverse. This video seems to be a trailer of BabyDoge Metaverse Project which may be announced soon as Shiba Inu already reveals its Virtual Real Estate project.

Does it make any changes in Prices of BabyDoge ?

Yes, if BabyDoge will enter Metaverse as soon as possible there will be a chance that more and more investors will invest in BabyDoge as it increases the trust and interest of investors in Project because Metaverse is Trending nowadays and BabyDoge doesn’t wanted to be left behind the early adoption of this technology.

BabyDoge Coin
BabyDoge Coin

People sees Metaverse as the future tech of the world and everyone one wants to enter into it early as soon as possible, big multinational companies like Google, Samsung, and Microsoft etc had already enter into Metaverse. BabyDoge Community also don’t want to left behind the trend of Metaverse and also its Rival Shiba Inu Already launched the purchase of its virtual Real Estate for their $LEASH holders and soon will be available for all users.

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BabyDoge’s Popularity also increasing.

BabyDoge is getting more and more popular day by day and has continuously trending on twitter since the start of new year 2022.

Courtesy: Bsc

Also BabyDoge’s official Twitter handle is very closely to hitting a record of 1 million followers on Twitter. The Popularity of BabyDoge is so much that it has even surpasses the Shiba Inu Coin in terms of wallet Holders.

According to data shared by Whalestats BabyDoge Coin has active 1,398,549 wallet Holder surpassing its rival Shiba Inu which has active 1,169,369 Wallet holders.



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