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Bitgert to enter into Metaverse Industry Soon.

  • Bitgert (Brise) is a crypto engineering organization focused on blockchain technology products and audit solutions.
  • Bitgert (Brise) recently have reached over 85000 wallet holders.
  • Bitgert (Brise) Token has a total market supply of 1 Quadrillion and it has a circulation supply of 420 Trillion Brise Tokens with a market cap of $114 million.

On 29 Jan 2022, Bitgert Community announced to enter into Metaverse on their official Twitter handle. Bitgert Community doesn’t reveal the products they will launch in Metaverse but they officially announced to get into Metaverse very soon and they will Launch products on Metaverse.

Bitgert to enter into Metaverse
Bitgert Community to enter into Metaverse.

Bitgert to enter into Metaverse but why ?

Bitgert (Brise) community is getting very excited about this project they quoted in their Twitter handle that :

Opportunities should never be missed.

After Multinational Gaint Companies like Google, Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, Sony, etc like companies have invested in the Metaverse industry. The popularity of Metaverse is already at its peak and now more and more companies are taking interest in investing in Metaverse. Bitgert is also in one of those companies that wanted to enter into Metaverse as early as soon.

Metaverse is becoming very popular in the field of technology nowadays. It can potentially become the next big technology platform to attract creators and technology leaders in the world and everyone wants to be part of it.



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