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Bitgert’s Brise Chain to be launched Tommorow

  • Finally the wait for Brise users for their own Blockchain Chain is over. Tommorow Bitgert- Brise will officially launch its own Blockchain which they have promised in time of release of Brise Token.
  • Testnet + Mainnet Beta with smart contract will go live on 15 feb, 2022.
  • Testnet & Mainnet with BRC20 Smart contract support using POA consensus(Proof of Authority) has been successfully completed.

Bitgert has announced its release date of personal blockchain. This is large information for the Bitgert network and the crypto network at big due to the character of this blockchain.

Bitgert's Blockchain
Bitgert- Brise Blockchain

The blockchain might be the most inexpensive and one of the quickest withinside the market. To make the Bitgert blockchain the most inexpensive, the fee of transaction is 0.00002, an equal of $0.0000000000001, that is close to zero.

Bitgert team has also confirmed that both the Testnet and Mainnet Beta will go live on 15th February 2022.

They will be launching its Top 20 BRISE-Pegged coins, which means they will be backed by BRISE. For example, BNB Pegged-BTC and all launched coins will be listed on Coinmarketcap after integration.

Bitgert has zero gas fees on its own blockchain. This is big news for the Bitgert community and the crypto community at large because of the nature of this block chain.

What’s Next in Bitgert ?

With the launch of This Blockchain, upcoming projects will be able to build dApps, NFT’s, Metaverse & much more.

Upcoming Bitgert project's
Next projects bitgert

As lots of unique buyers know, improvement of our BRISE BRC20 blockchain began out at the day it released their token (early July 2021). With this in mind, it brings a wonderful delight make the following announcement:

Testnet & Mainnet Development with BRC20 Smart settlement assist the use of POA consensus (Proof of Authority) has been effectively completed.

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