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Dogecoin reaches a new astonishing record of 520,000+ Holders.

  • Dogecoin hits a key milestone of reaching 520628 holders, the top 1000 BNB whales wallets are holding 32.4 million DOGE Coins.
  • Dogecoin(DOGE) is the famous Japanese Shiba-Inu Dog themed meme turned into full-fledged Cryptocurrency.
  • Dogecoin’s Holder’s are continuously increasing in recent days after the tweet by Elon Musk on McDonald’s.

According to Whalestats report on DogeCoin.

The Shiba-Inu Dog Themed meme coin DOGE has hit another milestone, reached over half of million wallet holders. Top 1000 Binance Whales wallets are holding 324,13,469 $DOGE this is equals to $48 million.

BabyDoge whalestat record

According to data shared by Whalestat, DogeCoin ranks fourth in the most used smart contract on the Etherium Blockchain.

The increase in holders of DogeCoin is also due to the tweet made by Elon Musk. In his recent tweet Elon Musk stated:

Doge Coin Holder's
Elon Musk

I will eat a happy meal on tv if @McDonalds accepts Dogecoin

Elon musk

If McDonald’s may accept DogeCoin as payment method, then the price and value of DogeCoin will surely increase and after this tweet made by Elon musk, there may be a big chance that McDonald’s will accept DogeCoin.

Doge Also plans to launch a new PoS wallet.

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin lately revealed in his tweet that he plans to support Dogecoin’s transition to Proof-of-stake(PoS). Dogecoin(DOGE) plans to launch a new PoS wallet, and Vitalik Buterin is working on community staking to make the transition possible for the Shiba-Inu-themed cryptocurrency.

Who were the Whales ?

Whales are those individuals or entities that holds a large amount of Bitcoins. Whales holds enough Cryptocurrencies that they can have potential the potential to manipulate currency valuation. their movements have outsized impacts on the whole Market either through increase volatility, decrease liquidity or a combination of both.



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