Frequently Asked Questions

Please reach us at [email protected] if you cannot find an answer to your question.

How do I pay for my service?
Your invoice provides details on how to make payment, We accept bank transfer, master card, and visa card
During the cleaning I want the cleaner to stay back and perform additional work. Can I pay for the additional services with cash?
We don’t prefer cash payments, Please contact our office and we will provide you with an updated invoice, which you can pay by bank transfer, master card, and visa card.
Do you work on the Sunday or Holiday?
Usually, we work Monday to Saturday. However, in special cases, we are willing to serve you on Sundays and on Public Holidays. Our End of Lease service can be scheduled for 7 days a week.
Can I book the cleaning for today to tomorrow on short notice?
We have multiple cleaners and where possible we try our best to schedule cleaning for same day service also. Because we cover 2 major cities, sometimes it’s not possible to arrange a cleaner on short notice. therefore, for domestic cleaning of up to 4 hours we recommend you contact us 1-2 business days before the date when you need the cleaning done.

Please note: Our End of Lease and Commercial services can be scheduled for 7 days a week on short notice.
Can I cancel or change my booking?
You can cancel or amend a booking without any charges before 72 hours of scheduled cleaning. If you cancel or amend a booking within 72 hours of the scheduled cleaning, you will have to pay cancellation/amendment costs of $100. Furthermore, any cancellation/changes after the cleaner has arrived onsite will require full payment.
How do I make changes to my booking?
To make any changes to your booking, you can Call us on – 1300 280 576 (9am – 6:30pm)

Email us on – [email protected] (we will respond to you within 1 business day). To make changes within 72 hours of the scheduled booking date please call us.
Will the quoted price change ?
The quoted prices are based on the info provided at the time of quoting and will be revised if any of the conditions are met.

a)The condition or size of the property is not as expected or told.

b) If the client made changes in the pre-committed requirements or entered them incorrectly.

*for Extra dirty/messy property, the charges will be upgraded.

All cleaning quotes specify the maximum hours of cleaning included in the quoted price, for additional hours we may agree to do up to 1 hour of free work (at our sole discretion) and any additional hour will be charged at the discounted hourly rate mentioned in the invoice. Subject to terms and conditions*
What is Deep cleaning?
A Deep Clean is for first-time customers or customers who haven’t had their home professionally cleaned in the last 2-3 months.
What is included in the Deep cleaning?
The checklist for deep and regular cleanings is the same. Deep cleaning involves more time, effort, and focus. We require that you choose the Deep Clean option if your house:

Has not been cleaned in the last month.
Your home is not being maintained on a regular basis.

Deep cleaning is a time-based service with the option to add additional services like: Oven cleaning, External window cleaning, etc.
How much time will it take to Deep clean my home?
The time taken depends primarily on the area of the premises, number of rooms and bathrooms, basic condition, and type of service opted for.

Some customers only need deep cleaning for bathrooms which can take 3-5 hours or deep cleaning certain sections of the house but others want to do deep cleaning for the whole house which can take 8-12 hours depending upon the size of the house.

You can call us on 1300 280 576 (9am – 6:30pm) to speak with our friendly staff who will assit you in calculating the approximate time required for your deep cleaning.
What is Bond Back Guarantee?
Bond Back Guarantee is available for End of Lease services (excludes general or deep cleaning), We offer End Of Lease Cleaning with Bond Back Guarantee for 72 hours, If your agent/landlord is not happy with the cleaning, we provide re-clean for free. We require an agent report with photos of the areas you require re-clean. We will then process your claim with in 1-2 business days and aim to provide a re-clean within the next 1-3 days for any missed/unsatisfactory areas, You must contact us within 72 hrs, Subject to terms and conditions*
What is General cleaning?
General cleaning consists of basic cleaning activities which normally focus on removing visible signs of mess through vacuuming, dusting, and wiping things down and takes 2-3 hours depending upon the size of the house. It often includes:

Bathroom/toilet cleaning
General surface kitchen cleaning

This type of surface cleaning is performed on a weekly basis to maintain a level of cleanliness and hygiene in your home and offices.

With our simple package pricing, you pay for the allocated time and our cleaner will assist you with any included cleaning task in that package and for areas inside the house, And for any additional time, you will be charged at a discounted rate mentioned on your quote.
For General cleaning – how long will it take to clean my house?
It all depends on the condition and total living areas of your home. But, as a baseline, the Average Cleaning time for General Cleaning can take:
1-bedroom house/apartment= up to 2 Hrs

2-bedroom house/apartment= up to 2 Hrs

3-bedroom house = 2 hrs

4-bedroom house = 2.5hrs

With all of the quotes, we provide an estimated time duration for the selected service.
Do the cleaners have police checks?
All our cleaners have current police checked accreditation’s so that you feel comfortable and have peace of mind leaving your home or business in our capable and trusted hands.
Do I have to be home during the service?
This is entirely up to you – you can be there for the service, let the cleaner in and leave, or even not be there at all. You are more than welcome to provide access to your cleaners by way of a key/lockbox. Please note that in general, our cleaners work most efficiently when the house is empty of people and pets.
Do you clean under furniture?
We will move and clean under small objects and light furniture. However, we will strictly not move heavy furniture. This is due to the high risk of scratching floors. We are happy if customers would like to move furniture for us, but we will not instruct the cleaning teams to do so themselves.
Can I book same day steam cleaning on the day of my clean?
Yes, you can, subject to availability. Usually, steam cleaning is done 1 day after the End of Lease service, however, we can try to get it done on the same day.
What do we include in commercial cleaning?
Commercial cleaning isn’t just about clearing surfaces and making a space appear tidy. It’s about getting into the most hard-to-reach spots to ensure every single spot has been treated with the same level of care. Working desks, Staff washrooms and common areas are cleaned. We provide a trained team to get the job done right with little interruption to the client’s operations.
What is the price for Commercial cleaning?
Prices differs depending on the amount of Labor and time required to clean the premise/office/shop. We calculate and give an estimate which best suits your requirements.
Will it cost less if the space is small for commercial cleaning?
Our pricing formula works on the amount of time and Labor. For example, If a small space is messy and requires more time to clean or a large warehouse only requires vacuuming and mopping. The prices do not depend upon the size.
What kind of material and equipment do we use?
Our equipment range includes various cleaning agents, vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, scrubbing machines and other cleaning essentials.
How often should I get my home cleaned?
General cleaning should be considered every 7-14 days and deep cleaning every 3 months
Is external window cleaning included with EOL?
No, for external windows we have extra charges as outside cleaning of any such type is not included. Window cleaning from the outside will cost separate.