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Shiba Inu has announced its virtual Real Estate Land- SHIB Metaverse

  • Finally Shib community enters into Metaverse with its own Shiberse Metaverse.
  • $LEASH holders will be the first to gain access to Shiba Inu Metaverse Lands.
  • Shiba Inu said Leash Holders will be given first priority in a quoue for Shiberse Lands.

Shiba Inu community is finally all set for its SHIB Metaverse, Today Shiba Inu introduces it’s first Phase of SHIB Metaverse project Shiba lands!. These “Lands” found inside Shiberse Metaverse will be available for purchase/ Auction really very soon, and it will be the first step towards allowing the Shib Community to jump into the Metaverse prior to its Full release.

SHIB Metaverse
3D Process by Petony Studios

Shib Inu team also working on a queue system, specially designed for the Shiba land sales event. This system aids with the the prevention of Bots and Gas wars while making this process something fair and smooth for whole Shiba Inu community world-wide.

Shiba Inu ‘Land’ will be available to all users after $LEASH holders bidding process.

The Shiba Inu Team confirmed that only after Leash Holders bid for the respective properties in SHIB Metaverse. The team will unlock it’s Metaverse to the public.

This queue permits exclusivity via requiring fascinated events to hold “$LEASH”, which offers precedence and distinct get right of entry to to this first promoting segment of the land plots in our Metaverse. In addition to the queue, Team additionally have worked on an anti-dump system in order to protect $LEASH holders. The final lands will then unlock, and emerge as on hand for the public after this one of a kind promoting system finalizes.

While Shiba Inu is yet to confirm has yet to confirm the perks for owning land in its Metaverse, it said:

Owning a Piece of Shiba Real Estate will bring a array of benifits! We are not stopping this is just the beginning.

Team Shiba Inu

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