Shiba Inu will soon sell 99000 plots in its ‘Shiberse’ Metaverse.

Virender Rakwal
Virender Rakwal
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  • Initially 35,000 plots will be sold out of 99,000 by shiba Inu Team.
  • Leash Holders Only Entry For Initial 35,000 Plot.
  • The price of a plot on ‘ Shiberse’ Metaverse will be decided according to its location.
  • In the coming phase, other crypto holders will get a chance to buy the plot in ‘Shiberse’ Metaverse.

Finally, The Developers of Shiba Inu announced that they will sell plots in ‘Shiberse’ Metaverse very soon. Shiba Inu Team have informed that they are planning to release 99,000 plots for Shiberse.

During the Shiba Inu AMA Event Organised by Watcher Guru, the popular Cryptocurrencies news website, The popular Meme Coin Shiba Inu gave some information about their Plans for ‘Shiberse’ Metaverse. A Total of 99,000 plots are said to be sold in the project, which will be sold through a 10-day land event. Initially 35,000 plots will be sold in this event and only $LEASH holders were given the first opportunity to buy land or bid land in Shiberse.

The Shiba Inu developers say that once the first batch is completely sold out, the rest of the plot will be gradually sold in smaller batches. Everyone will be given a chance to buy all these remaining plots. All plots will be sold through a bidding system, and the developers say the details of the bidding system will be shared along with the project’s release date.

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What will be the Price of Plot on Shiberse ?

The price of a plot on Shiberse will be decided according to its location, with plots around the center of the park being expensive. Let us tell you that it will be a dog park in the center of this metaverse of meme currency.

As reported by Business Insider, $LEASH holders will have to lock their holdings to gain access to the sale of these plots, reducing the lock-in period if they lock in more tokens. The holders locking the maximum holding will get a chance to bid on the largest plot.

The report cites YouTuber ArchAngel, a cryptocurrency working on the Shiba Inu, as saying that locking 0.2 LEASH would allow users to buy a 1×1 sized plot, while locking 5 LEASH would allow a 10×10 sized plot. Will get a chance to buy.

It is also worth noting that the locked token will be used to gain access for bidding, while the native token of Ethereum (Ethereum) ETH will be used separately to buy plots, and depending on the location. It will cost between 0.2 ETH and 1 ETH.

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