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ShibaSearch burned over 60 million Shiba Inu Tokens.

  • ShibaSearch Shiba Inu Burning project which aims to increase coin price by 1 cent by the burning process has burned over 60 million Shiba coins a few days back.
  • ShibaSearch Engine earns revenue by Advertisements but they use google algorithms to run this search engine so they earn revenue in google AdSense which they use 90% In the Shiba Inu Burning project.
  • As per Etherscan data, ShibaSearch burned 60,767,062 SHIB worth $1,378.20.
Shiba Search Engine

Mr. Dran Founder ShibaSearch project which aims to increase the price of Shiba Inu to 1 cent very soon realized that the circulating supply of Shiba Token was too large so he comes with the idea of burning Shiba Tokens to decrease the circulating supply which increases the prices of Shiba Inu Token.

In the ShibaSearch manifesto, Mr. Dran focused on two things:- 1. He aims to increase the price of Shiba Inu by 1 cent or beyond and 2. He wanted to stop the whale community to pump and dump Shiba Token for their benefit.

On 26 January, a total of 60,767,062 SHIB tokens worth $1378.20 were burned by the ShibaSearch team. They upload all records of burns on the website with proofs. This transaction costs 0.007337074975304102 Eth as a Transaction Fee.

Etherscan Transaction details

ShibaSearch Engine is a search engine like Google, bing, yahoo, etc. These search engines earn billions of dollars per year by serving advertisements on their search platform every time a visitor conducts a search or either views or clicks on an advertisement paid for by an advertisement. Mr. Dran used Google’s algorithm to create this search engine so revenue they made will be added to their AdSense account.

This Revenue they generate via Shiba Search Engine will be used to buy Shiba Tokens to burn. This will help all of the Shiba Community to increase the Token Price. Also, Mr. Dran will List all transactions on this website with proofs, screenshots, and also live videos on their youtube channel.

With each transaction, they made to Burn Shiba Tokens. They will upload a live Transparency video as proof for the people who trust ShibaSearch. you can visit ShibaSearch to download their extension for Google Chrome or more details and also read the manifesto by Mr.Dran.



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