SlingTV accepted DogeCoin as a payment method for their subscribers.

Virender Rakwal
Virender Rakwal
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  • SlingTV is a US-based streaming service owned by Dish Network and has over 2 million subscribers in the US.
  • SlingTV has announced the company is now accepting DogeCoin from their subscribers.
  • SlingTv also has partnered with the Cryptocurrency payment provider Bitpay and will accept variety of crypto assets for monthly subscription payments.

DogeCoin has a new addition to the list of firms accepting it as payment method. SlingTv has announced that it will accept DogeCoin and some other digital assets like bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more as a payment method for monthly subscription payments.

SlingTV Partnered with Bitpay.

SlingTV has also announced its partnership with popular crypto service provider Bitpay, to accept crypto payments. Now users can renew their subscriptions by using Cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

The firm’s addition of Cryptocurrencies as a payment method means that the firm would accept payments through DogeCoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shiba-Inu and Wrapped Bitcoin and it would also accept 5 USD-pegged stablecoins, including GUSD, USDP, BUSD, DAI and USDC.

Apart from this addition of DogeCoin in firm, Elon Musk also confirmed that Tesla will accept DogeCoin for its Charging Station in the Near Future. Tesla is already accepting DogeCoin Payments for some of its products.

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