The UFO Gaming Introduces Staking DAPP on Polygon.

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UFO Gaming, a digital gaming destination, announced today that UFO Gaming is starting a game metaverse and staked DApp in the Polygon Matic. Digital gaming venue UFO Gaming is holding a launch party for its gaming and staking dApp on Polygon to mark the introduction of their games and staked dApp today, the Coin Journal has learned via their press release. Right now, launching on Polygon is just the beginning of what digital gaming platform UFO Gaming has up its sleeves in terms of retailers for their followers and customers.

UFO Gaming Introduces Staking DAPP
UFO Gaming

UFO Gaming will launch games in some of the more established chains, covering multiple game genres and L1 and L2s different niches. The primary launch, the UFO Gaming Staking dApp, will be delayed until after the release party, to ensure participants wear a belt.

The Metaverse launch party will have a special easter egg hunt, culminating in its gaming and staked dApp launch and unveiling. A unique Easter Egg Hunt in a darkened Metaverse and the launch get-together will conclude with the reveal and start of our games and Staking dApp polygon.

UFO Gaming Introduces Staking DAPP
Polygon DAPP

The launch of the game and the UFO Gaming Staking dApp in Polygon will be celebrated by an all-access party held at a unique venue called The Darkish Metaverse.

UFO Gaming is an innovative game company founded by a team of game enthusiasts and cryptocurrency experts, taking the game industry to new heights while unleashing the power of Blockchain into the Play-to-Earn Economy.

The UFO Gamings aim to take the gaming industry to the next level by unleashing blockchain technology within a play-to-earn economy. When released, you will be able to mine for plasma points, which will be the first step for you, as the gamer, to get in and make money off of our games.

UFO Gaming Introduces Staking DAPP

The Super Galactic DAPP will be the primary hub to put down UFO Tokens to get your hands on Plasma Points, to get your NFTs and for an overall review. For instance, to our massive game-playing ecosystem, you will need to stake a UFO, or a UFO/ETH LP, on Cosmos (DAPP). Since the tokens UFO-ETH LP and UFO are designated for the Ethereum network, users will need to bridge their tokens from the Ethereum network into the Polygon network first using a bridge widget that is available on dApp site of the staked DApp. The arcade game is the first action game on a game metaverse and is powered by the Ethereum network.

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