Tiffany And Co. Unveil $50K Cryptopunk Necklace.

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Luxury jewellery brand Tiffany & Co. is starting the new month by announcing their CryptoPunks Limited Edition Necklace NFTiff. Their limited edition CryptoPunks Necklace. The collection is made up of pendants that are set in a diamond-plated style, according to an announcement shared through the brand’s official Twitter page. Meanwhile, it is expected Tiffanys will make at least $12 million off of sales from their CryptoPunks Limited Edition Necklace.

NFTiff, Tiffany And Co. Unveil $50K Cryptopunk Necklace.
Tiffany and Co.

If the 250 pendants, which are set with diamonds and gemstones, are sold, Tiffanys would make $7,500 worth of ETH, which is now worth $12.7 million. If all of the limited edition pendants sold out, Tiffany & Co stands to make 7,500 in ETH (currently $12.7 million).

The 250 pendants with a diamond and gem setting were announced on the jewellery brand’s Twitter on July 31, costing 30 ETH, equivalent to $50,600 as of this writing. The CryptoPunk handmade pendants were announced via the Jewelry brand on July 31 on Twitter and are priced at 30 ETH, identical to $50,600 each at the time of writing. The 250 unique pendants with diamonds would have a mix of diamonds and gemstones set into the design inspired by CryptoPunk NFT owner Punk NFT.

Luxury jewellery brand Tiffany & Co. is selling 250 exclusive diamond pendants to CryptoPunk NFT holders. Luxury jewellery brand Tiffany & Co. has announced that it is selling 250 diamond pendants and gem-encrusted pendants for CryptoPunk NFT (non-fungible token) holders.

Unique for CryptoPunk holders, the NFTiff turns your NFTs directly into custom-made pendants, handmade by Tiffany & Co artisans. Unique to CryptoPunks holders, NFTiff transforms your NFT right into a custom pendant hand-made through Tiffany & Co. artisans. You will also get a bonus version of the NFT in your custom pendant.

Each CryptoPunk is limited to up to three NFTiff tokens, which enable them to craft their custom pendant. According to the town’s press release from last Thursday, the 5,000 NFTs will be designed by 56 different artists from across Miami, representing the city’s 56-mile-long district. In collaboration with Time magazine, the City of Miami will unveil 5000 NFTs Nearly 5000 NFTs were designed by 56 different artists in Miami, representing the city’s 56-mile area and 56 different artists in Miami city’s 56-mile area.

Jacob & Co. continues to push the envelope in their offerings, promising to bring a new level of luxury to the luxury experience, by providing Jacob & Co. Private Tours, dining with founder Jacob Arabo himself, and having the people who purchased the NFTs provide input into the upcoming collection of Jacob & Co. NFT watches, which launches in 2023. Luxury brands are not new to the NFT space, with several starting to accept cryptocurrency as payment, like Gucci, Balenciaga, and FARFETCH. The marketing campaign was initially promoted via Alexandre Arnault, VP at Tiffany & Co, which held CryptoPunk #3167 back in April.

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